Friday, 15 November 2013

Nosferatu in Love

I've just finished working as the prosthetic designer for the character of Nosferatu in Peter Straughan's upcoming short 'Nosferatu in Love'. We created 50 handmade individually tailored plastic nails, 20 rubber nails, 5 sets of ears and Dave Felstead aided me with creating the character makeup. After spending an amazing week shooting in the Czech Republic, I now eagerly await the release of the film as part of Skyarts 'playhouse' season starting in April 2014.

Ear sculpt, finished and ready for moulding

Each nail was made with a butt-joint, so that it would break in a safe and controlled way 

Nail ends stuck on, ready for sanding and trimming

Thumbnails being marked, trimmed and sanded

50 individual nails tailored to the actor's fingers, masked off and ready to be primed and painted


Drawn prop design for the macabre tailor's mannequin in Christina Pergomet's upcoming short film, 'Seams'. We are going into full production this weekend with our life cast on Saturday - can't wait! She's going to be lovely!

Girl Power

Here's the mould (looking a little worse for wear!) for the prosthetic penis I made for a character in Benjamin Bee's upcoming short film 'Girl Power' written by Kefi Chadwick. The penis looked lovely, and very realistic, but we shall have to await the release of Girl Power before we can see it in action!