Monday, 24 March 2014

Hard Light

I was asked to design and build a 'robotic' central nervous system with working electronics for director Ross McElwain's upcoming student film Hard Light. Here is the unit design for the 'Hard Light' nervous system robot, a full size man in scale, with pulsing lights and a clear screen/visor for the head.


 Below are two visor shapes I carved into plaster for vac-forming over at Artem, who very kindly lent a hand (and their vac-former!)

Monday, 3 March 2014

LEV Collective/Papa Zeus

I have just finished working as the prosthetic designer for the upcoming Papa Zeus promo, in collaboration with LEV Collective - you can check out Papa Zeus' music here. The project was ambitious and the video promises to be exciting!

Finished silicone bust of our actor

Finished bust, with zip at the back

 On the left is the bust fresh out of the mould we made after taking our actor's life cast. On the right is the bust after a little bit of painting and hair punching. Looking good!

The zipper for application to our actor's back, along with the finished bust ready for packing and taking to set.